Participation and Contribution

How to join:

MuON is dependant on the help of partners all around the world to efficiently establish, expand and enhance the range of our measurements.
Volunteers and partners help us to quickly distribute our detectors to suiting locations; thus giving us a wider range of measurements and allowing us to provide more and more precise data to analyse.

Our detectors are provided by the MuON Collaboration and are funded bySFN-DandSFN-Kasseland come fully assembled and ready to set up with little to no effort. The only things required from our helpers are a constant source of power, an internet connection (preferrably Wired) and a dry environment for our detectors to feel comfortable in. You won't have to worry about anything else after the setup as the operation of the detector units is fully automated.

If you are interested in contributing, please contact us via E-mail ( You can also download a more precise description of the Project by clicking here: MuON-Participation.pdf